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Organic masonry chimney custom home brick veneer Cantera stone railing and bullnosed brick steps Rock waterfalls

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Masonry services are available worldwide.

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Modern steel reinforced masonry structures are durable and safe. Masonry structures can easily be designed to withstand hurricane winds and earthquakes. Brick, block and stone will not burn and insects like termites and carpenter ants can not destroy them. The finished masonry product is very low maintenance with a long service life. Locally produced concrete block, brick and stone are available almost everywhere in the world. What is not available can be trucked or shipped or flown to your site. Masonry structures are always a sound investment.

W E Masonry specializes in a high quality finished masonry product. "Our services are well suited to locations where local Masons are not available or are not able to produce the finished results you desire. Once We begin a masonry project, We see it through in a timely fashion until it is completed."

"If you are considering using brick, stone, block or pre-cast concrete for part or all of your project, Our services could save you time, expense and stress."

"Our photo galleries contain a wide selection of completed masonry projects; most have detailed explanations about the installation, many are quite unique and all reflect our personal participation."

"Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail about your project needs and how we can be of service to you."

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